Preconvention Workshops:

9:00 – 11:30                                                     Location

        Elementary Physical Education Workshop     Willow

        Billy and Cindy Gober


Coordinated School Health: HIPAA Issues related to PE    teachers and coaches                                     Walnut

        Debby Woods and Laura McDowell, Little Rock



12:30 – 1:15                                                  Location


#1      General Division                                                         Cedar

“Rationale for enrolling in a Kinesiology Major at a Division I University” – Findings of a study which investigated the opinions of, and the reasoning behind selecting Kinesiology as a major will be discussed.


Presenters: Timothy Baghurst and Paul Calleja, University of Arkansas

Presider: Jack Kern



#2     Physical Education Division                                           Dogwood

“Who Owns My Stuff?”  - When a faculty member creates materials for classroom use, is it owned by that faculty member or is it owned by the institution for which the faculty member works?


Presenters: Allen Mooneyhan  

Presider: Andy Mooneyhan




#3     Health Division                                                            Sycamore

“Teaching a Personal Health Class Online” – Step-by-step instructions to creating an online course that will enable students to accomplish knowledge, attitude and skill objectives.


Presenters: Mitch Mathis and Paul Finnicum, Arkansas State University

Presider: Larry Thye


#4     Elementary Physical Education Section                        Willow

“Making P.E. Equipment to Stretch Your Budget” – Participants will learn a few simple building methods for use with as few tools as possible.


Presenter:  Jim Brown, Rogers Public Schools

Presider: Jennifer Straub


#5     Athletics and Sports                                                 Walnut

“Let’s Take a Knee”   Practical (and legal to-date) alternatives for students and coaches who choose to engage in prayer at school will be discussed.


Presenter: David LaVetter, Arkansas State University

Presider: Christy Ralph


#6     General Division/Research Section                             Hickory

“Comparison of the Academic Progress of Student Athletes During Season of Competition and Non-competition” – Discussion of the study habits and external variables associated with student athletes’ academic success or failure.


Presenter: Patrick Wempe and Don Peterson, Henderson State University

Presider: Lynn Leggett





1:30 – 2:15                                                  Location


#7     Athletic Training Section                                           Cedar

“Core Strengthening: Playing a Major Role in Athletic Injury Prevention” – This presentation will provide practical measures of injury prevention as well as injury treatment through a core stability program.


Presenter: Gretchen Oliver, University of Arkansas

Presider: Dennis Perkey


#8     Higher Education Section                                             Walnut

Arkansas Department of Education SPA Standards for Health, Physical Education, and Coaching Program Accreditation” – Is your teacher preparation program in physical education, wellness and leisure up for review/accreditation?  This session will present the Arkansas State Department of Education SPA standards required for your review.


Presenter: Frank Servedio, Arkansas State Department of Education

Presider: Larry Thye


#9     Athletics and Sports Division                                     Sycamore

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Coaches According to the AD” – Acceptable and unacceptable practices of coaches will be discussed.


Presenter: Annette Scogin, Springdale Schools Athletic Director

Presider: Christy Ralph


#10    Physical Education Division                                        Willow

Adventure PE—Thinking Outside the Box” – Bring new life into your physical education program with exciting team building and cooperation activities.  Learn the latest new activities that will get your students talking about your class long after they leave the gym.


Presenter: Deb Walter, 2007 National Physical Education Teacher of the Year

          Presider: Jim Stillwell


#11    Student Section                                                       Hickory

“Mobilizing Your Members for Marketing” – What tools do you need to make your organization work?  This workshop will focus on the tools used to insure your organization has the correct target market and then help focus on how to reach that market.


Presenter: Molly Jensen, University of Arkansas

Presider: Wade Cunningham


#12    Secondary Physical Education Section                         Dogwood

“Teaching Physical Education: Keys to a Successful Start” – Description and application of designing and implementing a physical education program/class that yields control necessary for a successful semester.


Presenter: Andy Mooneyhan, Arkansas State University

Presider: Bruce Elmore


2:30 – 3:15                                                           Walnut




        From the President: Hal McAfee

        Announcements: Jim Stillwell, Executive Director









3:30 – 4:15                                                  Location


#14    General Division                                                        Cedar

“Memoirs of a First Year Teacher” – Ups and downs, ins and outs a first year teacher goes through will be discussed by a recent first year teacher.


Presenter: Lindsay Robinson, DeWitt Elementary School

Presider: Jeanie Strasner


#15    General Division/Research Section                             Dogwood

“Huntington’s Disease: Attitudes and Self Promotion of HD” – Huntington ‘s Disease is a hereditary disorder characterized by mental and physical deterioration that ultimately leads to death.  This presentation will discuss the options for behavior modifications of attitudes and the use of treatment for the aspect of self promotion for future success in living with Huntington’s Disease.


Presenters: Patrick Wempe and Don Peterson, Henderson State University, and Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State, Kansas

Presider: Bennie Prince


#16    Physical Education Division                                        Willow

“Fitness Games” – Practical ideas to incorporate different fitness components into large group and small group games.


Presenters: Jennifer Straub, Julie Stroud, Deb Walter, Liz Harter, and Christy Ralph, Rogers Public Schools

Presider: Jack Kern


#16    Student Section                                                        Walnut

“If I Didn’t Know Now—What I Didn’t Know Then” – Sometimes knowing what you want to do when you “grow up” is very tricky.  This topic will discuss career choices and options and how best to plan for that career option.


Presenter: Ro Di Brezzo, University of Arkansas

Presider: Hiedi Hoffman


#17    Health Division/Athletics and Sports Division             Hickory

“Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Data and Athletic Status in Public School Students” – The YRBS has been used extensively to gather data on the health status of American youth for many years.  This study sought to determine if athletes answered differently than non-athletic populations, and if so, if these differences could be positively monitored by successful interventions.


Presenters: Mark Giese and Margaret Dobbs, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Presider: Paul Finnicum



4:30 – 5:15                                                  Location


#18    Secondary Physical Education Section                        Cedar

“An Introduction to Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Disability Sports: Implications for the Physical Educator” -  This presentation introduces the audience to spinal cord injury (SCI) and the world of opportunities in disability sport.  Implications for the PE professional will be discussed and examples of various sport chairs available for students and adults will be pictured.


Presenter: Lance Bryant

Presider: Bruce Elmore


#19    Athletics and Sports Division/Athletic Training          Dogwood

“Doping in Youth Sports” – This session will provide participants with current information on doping in youth sports.  A special emphasis will include: the prevalence of anabolic steroid use in high school athletes, health issues associated with abusing anabolic steroids, and tips on educating students on the dangers of doping in sport.


          Presenter: Dennis Perkey, Arkansas State University

          Presider: Scott Burkett


#20   Dance Division                                                          Sycamore

“Easy Energizers for Elementary” – Short dances that start your class each day!  All dances have been kid tested and approved by over 500 children at DeWitt Elementary School.


          Presenter: Lindsay Robinson, DeWitt Elementary School

          Presider: Susan Mayes


#21    Student Section                                                        Willow

“Student Superstars Competition” – Come meet other students and have fun participating in lots of cooperative activities


Presiding: Wade Cunningham and Hiedi Hoffman


#22   Higher Education Section                                           Hickory

“An Online M.Ed. in Physical Education” – The University of Arkansas will begin offering a M.Ed. in the Fall of 2008 with all courses being offered online.  This presentation will discuss the details of the degree.


Presenters: Jack Kern, Paul Calleja, and Sharon Hunt, University of Arkansas

Presider: Susan Mayes




Buffet Dinner

Thursday, November 1st   7:00 PM


Join us for an evening of

Good Food, Entertainment,

The Silent Auction, & B-I-N-G-O







7:00 – 8:50           BOARD BREAKFAST                                   OAK


   Presider: Hal McAfee, President


   Note: All current and newly elected Board members are to attend


7:45 – 8:45           JRFH/HFH BREAKFAST                             MAPLE




9:00 – 9:45                                                 Location


#23   General Division/Research Section                             Cedar       

“Flow Revisited” – The ground breaking work of Mihalyi Csikzenmihalyi continues to resonate with practitioners in the field of parks and recreation.  This presentation revisits the basic premise of his work and applies it to park and recreation settings.


Presenters: Don Peterson and Patrick Wempe, Henderson State; and Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State, Kansas

Presider: Larry Thye


#24   Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart                                      Dogwood

“Making Hoops for Heart a Class Project” – This presentation will show students and teachers how to make Hoops for Heart more successful by making it a class project.


Presenter: Elizabeth Bowles

Presider: Jeanie Strasner


#25   Recreation Division                                                   Sycamore

“Educational Tours – Leave No Child Behind” – This session will provide information on selection and preparation of tours and a brief presentation of a tour that will be conducted in May.


          Presenter: Kathy King, University of Arkansas, Monticello

          Presider: Pam Keese


#26   Physical Education Division                                        Willow

Hook’em With Fishing For Life” – Get your students excited about the outdoors and teach a skill that will bring hours of fun, excitement, and happiness.  This is a 2 hour session.


Presenter: Deb Walter, 2007 National Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year

Presider: Bruce Elmore


#27   Athletics and Sports Division                                     Walnut

“Dealing with Parents as Coaches” – A seasoned coach tells his secrets of how to deal successfully with parents.


          Presenter: Mike Nelson, Bentonville Public Schools

          Presider: Christy Ralph




10:00 – 10:45                                                  Location


#28   Research Section                                                       Cedar

          “Research Symposium”


          Presider: Bennie Prince


#29   Athletics and Sports Division                                     Dogwood

“Transportation Issues for Coaches” – This session will discuss relevant transportation issues which affect coaches.


Presenter: Jason Craft, Bentonville Public Schools

Presider: Christy Ralph


#30   Physical Education Division                                        Willow

          Hook’em With Fishing For Life” – a continuation of a 2 part session


#31    Jump Rope for Heart                                                Walnut

“JRFH Fundraising Best Practices” – Come join in on the discussion of JRFH fundraising best practices with this year’s top fundraisers.


Presenter: Tracy Gist, JRFH State Coordinator

Presider: Jeanie Strasner



#32   Physical Education Division                                        Sycamore

“Incorporating Service into Learning” – Information pertaining to service learning as a viable teaching strategy to enhance student learning will be presented.


Presenters: Andy Mooneyhan and Valarie Hilson, Arkansas State University

Presider: Jennifer Straub




11:00 – 11:45                                                  Location


#33   Exercise Science Section                                           Cedar

“The Development of Muscle and Muscle Dysmorphia in Males” – Muscle dysmorphia, a condition whereby individuals believe themselves to be insufficiently lean and muscular, has been receiving greater empirical attention.  This presentation will highlight the changing male physique and the deleterious sequelae associated with muscle dysmorphia.


          Presenter: Timothy Baghurst, University of Arkansas

          Presider: Traci Berry


#34   Research Section                                                       Redbud

          “Research Poster Presentations”


          Presider: Bennie Prince



#35   Recreation Division                                                   Sycamore

“GPS Technology in Distance Running and Biking” – This session will discuss and demonstrate how GPS technology can be used to monitor exercise and determine distances and location when running or biking for distance.


Presenter: Willa Williams

Presider: Kathy King


#36   General Division/Research Section                               Dogwood           “Student Athlete Academic Student Mentorship Programs” – This presentation will discuss different methodologies used for advising/mentoring student athletes within the football, basketball, and softball teams at Henderson State University.


          Presenters: Patrick Wempe and Lynn Leggett, Henderson State University

          Presider: Larry Thye


#37   Dance Division                                                           Willow

          “Swing Dance, Break Dance, and Stepping” – Swing dance, break dance, and stepping include rhythm and dance, teamwork, social skills, and cultural studies while meeting state standards.  Participants will learn how to simplify dances to include all students.


          Presenter: Jim Brown, Rogers Public Schools

          Presider: Susan Mayes


#38   General Division/Athletics and Sports Section               Hickory

          “Effects of Service Quality Dimensions on Spectator Satisfaction and Revisit Intention in the Collegiate Basketball League” – Success of collegiate athletic departments has been judged by how well they deliver quality and reliable services while hosting athletic events.  This session will discuss the findings of a recent study concerning spectator satisfaction and revisit intention.


          Presenters: Hyun-Duck Kim, David LaVetter, and Jim Stillwell, Arkansas State University

          Presider: Allen Mooneyhan



12:00 – 12:45                                                  Location


#39   General Division/Research Section                             Cedar

“Mentoring New Faculty Members” – Hear how a mentoring program can aid a new faculty member as he/she faces the daunting task of achieving promotion and tenure.


Presenters: Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State, Kansas; Patrick Wempe and Don Peterson, Henderson State University

Presider: Lynn Leggett


#40   Health Division                                                          Dogwood

“Using a Personal Response Device as a Teaching Tool in Health Classes” – This session explains how personal response systems are a great way to stimulate discussion in class and provide students a way to respond to sensitive personal questions anonymously.


Presenters: George Ramsey, Thomson Publishing, and Paul Finnicum, Arkansas State University

Presider: Mitch Mathis


#41    Exercise Science Section                                           Sycamore

“The Role of Stretching in Injury Prevention and Performance” – This presentation will examine the role of stretching as a pre-performance activity.


          Presenter:  Brian Church, Arkansas State University

          Presider: Traci Berry


#42   Jump Rope for Heart                                                Willow

“The Arkansas JRFH Demonstration Team” – The River Valley Heartbeats will perform their best jumps for you!


Presider: Tracy Gist



1:00                                                                 WALNUT